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Fearless Moves combines HIIT workout sessions with music themes. This fitness routine needs no equipment. With sets consisting only of bodyweight exercises, suitable for every level, all you need to bring is yourself and your runners! Expect to get your sweat on to 90s classics, Beyoncé and more, all while reaping the benefits of a deadly workout routine. Each class is an hour long workout session .

We promote healthy attitudes to all things including fitness. We recognise health and wellbeing takes effort but that effort does not need to be boring or stressful. Fearless Moves promotes the great benefits exercise and being social can bring to a person. We help people make fearless moves towards a happy, healthy lifestyle.

We’re all about CHOONS, CHATS AND FUN.



90’s party park session!

Our next Dublin session is HERE, whoop! We're hitting up Ranelagh Park in Dublin for a 90's Party Session.

We’ll bring all the 90's moves and choons. All you have to do is bring your sweats, runners and ALL the bants (and maybe some neon!). We've partnered with the amaze Flax and Beets who will provide delish breakfast pots after the session.

The ticket price includes the workout session and a brekkie pot.

It's going to be fun (slightly sweat-tastic!) HIIT class with easy dance moves throughout. The session will feature tons of mega FLOOR FILLER choons. No need to be a fitness freak to come along, it's about the chooons and chats (and eating afterwards, obviously!)

Some things to remember:

-no changing facilities at the park

-no toilets at the park

-please let us know if you have any dietary requirements

Get tickets here. WHOOOOP!







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